My first yoga lesson was in Afghanistan

In 1975 when travelling on Marco Polo’s Silk Route overland for 6 months, I had my first yoga lesson. I was in a hostel in Afghanistan with other foreigners and a couple from Belgium taught me some yoga.

Years later, I started studying yoga and meditation in New York City to balance the stressors of Wall Street. My authentic self was not emerging enough and I knew my spirit was not flourishing in that environment at that time.

From Wall Street to Yoga Nun….

So, I moved into a yoga ashram, the largest in North America with 350 residents and serving 20,000 guests a year with holistic health and personal growth retreats and courses. I became Program Director of yoga and massage therapy certification trainings.

A broken arm from a horseback riding fall brought me back home to Ohio to heal. Little did I know I would pass up a on six figure job offer overseas to open the first Yoga & Wellness Center in Greater Cleveland…..