Articles for the Month of June 2022

My first yoga lesson was in Afghanistan

In 1975 when travelling on Marco Polo’s Silk Route overland for 6 months, I had my first yoga lesson. I was in a hostel in Afghanistan with other foreigners and a couple from Belgium taught me some yoga.

Years later, I started studying yoga and meditation in New York City to balance the stressors of Wall Street. My authentic self was not emerging enough and I knew my spirit was not flourishing in that environment at that time.

From Wall Street to Yoga Nun….

So, I moved into a yoga ashram, the largest in North America with 350 residents and serving 20,000 guests a year with holistic health and personal growth retreats and courses. I became Program Director of yoga and massage therapy certification trainings.

A broken arm from a horseback riding fall brought me back home to Ohio to heal. Little did I know I would pass up a on six figure job offer overseas to open the first Yoga & Wellness Center in Greater Cleveland…..

Open House to Celebrate the Bhumi’s Community and 10 year Anniversary of the New Studio

What are you celebrating this year?
I am celebrating :
70 years of being on the planet
50 years living/traveling internationally
47 years ago had first yoga lesson
42 years practicing mindfulness meditation & yoga
37 years training yoga teachers nationally
30 years teaching yoga & coaching in Ohio
10 year anniversary of the current new training studio

Sunday June 5, 2022 we had an Open House to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Bhumi’s new yoga studio. It was also a reunion of the latest and final graduating class of Bhumi’s Yoga Teacher Training Certification.

The weather was perfect, the company exquisite and besides currently active guests, some faces from the past as far back as 1997 came to share and spend time together!

Now is the time for even deeper conscious work in collaboration through Masterminds. Do you want to join us?

“The World is One Family”
Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam
 वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम्