Yoga Teacher Training

Bhumi’s Yoga & Teacher Trainings: (200 hr/500 hr/Advanced Mastermind) 

Director Harriet L. Russell (Bhumi) has been training and certifying teachers for over 35 years, graduating 40 groups (24 in Ohio.) She is not only a yoga teacher, but is trained as an actual Teacher Trainer so you will receive top-notch education. This well-rounded program is guided by an original curriculum written by Bhumi herself; offering knowledge on several different styles of yoga, hands-on assist, Sanskrit, practice teaching, Ayurveda and much more (see link below for full curriculum/weekend topics). All training hours are spent in session with Bhumi and our highly qualified team to ensure you are receiving the most in depth training possible.

Yoga ClassThe private studio sits on 8 beautiful acres giving you a retreat-like experience each time you come.


With floor to ceiling windows you are able to connect with nature from the comfort of the studio indoors.

During warmer months, class can be taken outside on our specially-designed yoga deck.

Whether you plan to teach yoga in the future or are looking to deepen your personal practice, this program offers all the necessary tools to incorporate a holistic approach to health and happiness in all aspects of your life.

UPDATE: Harriet L. Russell (Bhumi)  has certified almost 350 teachers in Ohio and hundreds more across the country for the past 35 years. After directing 40 Yoga Teacher Trainings, she will not be offering YTT certifications in 2021-2023 .

She wanted to move into uplifting yoga teachers into a deeper mindset and work together to create a living legacy of leaders. Therefore, Bhumi has pivoted to more advanced offerings and signature programs of Personal Coaching and Masterminds.

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PHOTO WALL OF 24 years of Bhumi’s Yoga Teacher Training certification program groups in Ohio. Almost 350 graduates.

VIDEO LINK: Why Bhumi’s ? Graduates Insights

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