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Bhumi's: Be Healthy Under My Instruction
May 2010 Teacher Training Graduates

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Praise for Bhumi's YTT Program

"It is very important that you learn yoga from the right source. I have seen Bhumi's deep commitment and enthusiasm for the practice of yoga and I feel she is a right source. I am always in support of her. YTT is a deeply transforming process. It is a training that prepares you not just as a teacher, but also prepares you as an individual to encounter all life's situations." Yogi Amrit Desai, Founder, Amrit Yoga Institute and Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

"I encourage any yoga student to take Bhumi's Yoga Teacher Training Program. My intent was to deepen my knowledge of yoga, its history, traditions, meditation, Sanskrit and to perfect my asanas. What I walked away with was a deeper love and understanding of yoga, and a family bond with all of my fellow students that will be in my heart and life forever. Bhumi is a fabulous teacher and her covering of material is so abundant and a wonderful reference for future studies and your personal practice. You can't go wrong being in YTT! Explore your possibilities!" Linda, 2000 YTT Graduate

"Since our graduation in March, I have been teaching 3-4 classes a week. The good news is, by June, I had already made back the money I invested in the training. Thank you Bhumi for creating this program and inspiring me to change my life!" Marney, 1996 YTT Graduate

"I am so glad that I chose your YTT program. You have taught us so much... and when I talk to people who attended other YTT programs and realize some of the things that we learned, which these other programs didn't even touch on, I am more and more grateful for the extensive learning you have provided for us. I look forward to continuing to study with you after YTT!" Bryony, 2004 YTT Graduate

"I really love being part of the community at Bhumi's. There is a tremendous amount of support for personal growth from Bhumi and my fellow yoga teacher trainee's. What drew me closer to the school was how Bhumi takes an interest in every student she meets. Bhumi is a very dynamic person and it spills over into her role as a teacher. She has an abundance of knowledge and love that really shines through when she is teaching. I feel lucky and blessed to be part of this experience" Nikki, 2001 YTT Graduate

"Yoga Teacher Training with Bhumi will challenge the boundaries of your practice and understanding of Yoga. With Bhumi's focused attention and loving guidance you will learn to share with others the alignment, techniques and modifications of the world's oldest health system. With Bhumi you learn more than how to give information and to demonstrate knowledge. She sets an example of how to encourage others to live deeply, fully, and with compassion." Tom, 2000 YTT Graduate

"You taught me how to raise my vibration - in many profound ways, even more as I go though this mentor process. I really hope that all of your students recognize this and have this gratitude for what you give. Your spirit is larger than life!"
Nikki, 2001 YTT Graduate


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Yoga Teacher Training
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Is YTT 200 Hour For You?
Who Should Take the Program

  • Those who wish to obtain a certification for yoga teaching from an established program in the tri-state area with Director Bhumi (Harriet Russell).
  • Individuals who want to grow, transform, and move toward their highest potential.
  • Students who want to deepen their practice and understanding of yoga, whether intending to teach or not.


  • • Bhumi’s YTT includes training of body, mind and spirit and shows you how to integrate yoga “off the mat” into your daily life.

    • Bhumi has certified and trained hundreds of teachers, and before creating her own Bhumi’s YTT, she was Director of YTT at the largest yoga and wellness center in N. America where she lived for 8 years.

    • Bhumi has been an educator, professor, and trainer for 35 years and you receive an extensive teacher training manual, additional handouts at each weekend session, an internal newsletter and private photo site,

    • Bhumi is very accessible and can continue to mentor and help you after graduation. She is right here in Ohio and part of your community.

    • We teach you 6 different styles of yoga so you have a repertoire to draw upon. With this exposure, you can find your own path, and decide which styles you want to teach, which style you want to do in your own personal practice, and which style you may decide to do in future years.

    • Student-teacher ratio is great and certified teaching assistants will be present at most sessions.

    • All ages and levels are welcome. We help you adapt the postures for your body and abilities. We honor you for who you are and where you are at, and yet you will be challenged. We look for dedication and commitment in our trainees.

    • Program is non-competitive. We build community and collaboration. We use positive language and respect each other.

    • Specialty professionals may present at the Bhumi’s YTT, such as an Ayurveda MD, physical therapist, naturopath.

    • Program maintains the same group of trainees all year, so that everyone keeps moving forward in personal growth and deepening their experience. No one dropping in and out of sessions.

    • Program includes yoga for pregnancy, children, teens, seniors, women's life cycles, even at the 200 hour level.

    • Program includes hands on adjustments and yoga therapy for specific conditions physical, mental, and spiritual, even at the 200 hour level.

    • Program includes mentoring and practice teaching in teams in actual classroom settings.

    • Graduates become part of Bhumi's yoga teaching job referral network.

    • Program is transformative, comprehensive and in-depth.

    Link here for “A Bit About Bhumi’s Yoga Background”

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