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Bhumi's: Be Healthy Under My Instruction
200 hour program Yoga Teachers in Training do Setu Bandhasana the Bridge Pose during session at the YTT country site in Columbia Station, Ohio.

Praise for Bhumi's YTT Program

"It is very important that you learn yoga from the right source. I have seen Bhumi's deep commitment and enthusiasm for the practice of yoga and I feel she is a right source. I am always in support of her. YTT is a deeply transforming process. It is a training that prepares you not just as a teacher, but also prepares you as an individual to encounter all life's situations." Yogi Amrit Desai, Founder, Amrit Yoga Institute and Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

"I encourage any yoga student to take Bhumi's Yoga Teacher Training Program. My intent was to deepen my knowledge of yoga, its history, traditions, meditation, Sanskrit and to perfect my asanas. What I walked away with was a deeper love and understanding of yoga, and a family bond with all of my fellow students that will be in my heart and life forever. Bhumi is a fabulous teacher and her covering of material is so abundant and a wonderful reference for future studies and your personal practice. You can't go wrong being in YTT! Explore your possibilities!" Linda, 2000 YTT Graduate

"Since our graduation in March, I have been teaching 3-4 classes a week. The good news is, by June, I had already made back the money I invested in the training. Thank you Bhumi for creating this program and inspiring me to change my life!" Marney, 1996 YTT Graduate

"I am so glad that I chose your YTT program. You have taught us so much... and when I talk to people who attended other YTT programs and realize some of the things that we learned, which these other programs didn't even touch on, I am more and more grateful for the extensive learning you have provided for us. I look forward to continuing to study with you after YTT!" Bryony, 2004 YTT Graduate

"I really love being part of the community at Bhumi's. There is a tremendous amount of support for personal growth from Bhumi and my fellow yoga teacher trainee's. What drew me closer to the school was how Bhumi takes an interest in every student she meets. Bhumi is a very dynamic person and it spills over into her role as a teacher. She has an abundance of knowledge and love that really shines through when she is teaching. I feel lucky and blessed to be part of this experience" Nikki, 2001 YTT Graduate

"Yoga Teacher Training with Bhumi will challenge the boundaries of your practice and understanding of Yoga. With Bhumi's focused attention and loving guidance you will learn to share with others the alignment, techniques and modifications of the world's oldest health system. With Bhumi you learn more than how to give information and to demonstrate knowledge. She sets an example of how to encourage others to live deeply, fully, and with compassion." Tom, 2000 YTT Graduate

"You taught me how to raise my vibration - in many profound ways, even more as I go though this mentor process. I really hope that all of your students recognize this and have this gratitude for what you give. Your spirit is larger than life!"
Nikki, 2001 YTT Graduate

       Learning an assisted pose.

   Teamwork fun with difficult poses


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Yoga Teacher Training
Certification Programs | Yoga Teacher Training | Is YTT For You?
Uniqueness of Program | Download Course Summary | Download YTT Brochure

Director Harriet Bhumi Russell has been training and certifying teachers for 35 years. We have a top notch experienced team committed to you!

There are several options to advance your yoga training. Whether you decide to teach yoga or not our programs will deepen your understanding of yoga, yourself, and how to apply yoga off the mat to your life.

1) First level certification: 200 hour
2) Advanced level certification: 300/500 hrs
3) CEU's for yoga teachers

1) THE 2017 YOGA TEACHER TRAINING 200 hour STARTED the weekend of  MARCH 31- APRIL 2, 2017. Graduation October, 2017.

NEXT PROGRAM Scheduled for Spring, 2018 but if there is enough interest we will add an additional program with an earlier start in October, 2017.

Come to a class, see the facility,  and meet Bhumi in person.

We limit the number of participants to keep a high teacher-student ratio and give you individualized attention.

We can email or postal mail it
Call  Bhumi 440-236-6366. She likes to speak with each person personally.

ayment Plans Available.

Weekend Dates:
Call 440-236-6366 or EMAILto get in the list for these details.

2) ALREADY CERTIFIED? All Bhumi's workshops qualify for Yoga Alliance/YTT CEUs for yoga teachers. Read on....

ADVANCED YOGA TEACHER TRAINING 300/500 hr sessions ongoing.

TOPICS in 2017
Alignment of Yoga Poses. Also Back protection, Modifications
Hands On Assists (verbal cues, physical adjustments, energetic)
Women's Health Yoga, Hara
Kids Yoga, Chakras
Yoga and Therapeutic applications for specific conditions
Refine your teaching, Hands On Assists, Designing Routines
Sanskrit and Yoga
Refine your teaching business - Legal & Financial
Ayurveda with Vijay Jain, MD
Yoga Nidra Deep Relaxation & Restorative Poses

Contact us for details. 440-236-6366. Topics and dates subject to change.


“It is very important that you learn yoga from the right source. I have seen Bhumi’s deep commitment and enthusiasm for the practice of yoga and I feel she is a right source. I am always in support of her. YTT is a deeply transforming process . It is a training that prepares you not just as a teacher, but also prepares you as an individual to encounter all life’s situations.”
Yogi Amrit Desai, Founder, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health & Amrit Yoga Institute

“Bhumi pulls from her extensive training and travel with numerous internationally recognized yoga practitioners. Whether it is a yoga class, weekend retreat, specialty workshop, or training she brings the applications of yoga, energy work and massage therapy to provide you with Bhumi’s Blend. On any given day she will also incorporate her extensive knowledge in the areas of Macrobiotics, Ayurvedic practices, and Sanskrit. Her love of teaching and inspiring growth in those she encounters is obvious”.
“Bhumi is an engaging and thought-provoking speaker. She has an ability to bring people together in a way that opens hearts, creates connection and can change our view of the world, on many levels. A true teacher and communicator.”

Nikki Pawlowski, Corporate Wellness, YTT Grad 2001 & Bhumi’s YTT Assistant Director

“I was blessed with the opportunity to attend Bhumi’s YTT. It altered my mind, body and soul. I went into the program to learn and to better my yoga poses and came out with so much more. My focus within all aspects of my life is better. I sit up straighter, I am physically stronger and I am at peace with things as they are on a daily basis. I accept. I listen. I am. Bhumi is a very special soul and teaches from the heart. Her ability to listen and teach and to innately know what is required for understanding is magnificent. The curriculum for the training was in depth but interjected with posture flows and team work so it was easily digested. I highly recommend the training course to anyone at any physical level. It is not just for someone wanting to teach yoga but for anyone looking to improve their life.”
Lisa Chappell, HP Network Technology Consultant, YTT Grad 2013



  • With the popularization of mainstream yoga, there are a number of yoga trainings to choose from. But, they are not all alike!

    Even if a school is a member of the Yoga Alliance, the Yoga Alliance does not certify you. The individual school does.
    Each individual school decides the curriculum, the number of hours with the directors, the electives, the depth of the studies and the tuition. The Yoga Alliance is a fee-paid advertising registry, setting very minimal standards for individuals and schools to become members, something like a chamber of commerce for yoga.


    Did you know that the Yoga Alliance only requires:

    • 65 of the 200 hrs (only 36%!) with the lead trainers?

    • A lead trainer to have only 2 years, yes, only 2 years, experience after getting their own 200 hr. certification?

    • A lead trainer only needs 1,000 hours of teaching experience and does not have to do any other special training to be the lead trainer of a program?

    Consider Bhumi’s Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) which offers much more:

    • Bhumi’s YTT has all 200 hours with the lead trainers, the directors!

    • Director Bhumi has been training yoga teachers for over 30 years. Assistant Director Nikki has been practicing yoga 20 years and teaching yoga 15 years since her certification from Bhumi’s, and has worked in the corporate wellness industry.

    • Director Bhumi is not just a Yoga Teacher, but actually trained as a Teacher Trainer for years!

  • Director is a member of the International Coach Federation and National Speakers Association.

    When you complete Bhumi’s Yoga Teacher Training, you will have a quality education with breadth and depth, and the name of a reputable school as your certification.



Bhumi's trains you so you can FLY! and find your OWN Voice.

Bhumi's YTT offers you:
*6 different styles of yoga
, not just one! 
*We also include prenatal, kids, seniors, restorative, and therapeutic yoga.
*We give you more hands-on in-class hours... not just at home study fillers.
*We have a Holistic Health Body Mind Spirit approach
*Bhumi's is Truly Transforming. You will make friends for life.


Yoga Teacher Training Certification Programs for 200, 300 and 500 hours

Bhumi's Yoga and Wellness Center  Yoga Teacher Trainings were the first in Ohio and the Midwest, and the third in all of North America to be nationally recognized by the Yoga Alliance.

Workshops / Continuing Education Credits (CEU's)

If you have not taken a workshop with Director Bhumi, consider taking one.
Visit the workshops page to view current workshop offerings and Continuing Education Credits (CEU). Open to the public.


Near I-71 and accessible to I-90 & I-480 &Ohio Turnpike.
Only 25 mins from downtown Cleveland, 1 hr from Akron, 90 mins from Columbus, 2 hours from Toledo, 2.5 hours from Erie.

A country setting on 8 acres of private property in Columbia Station. New indoor yoga studio with beautiful view of the woods and pond was completed March, 2012. Specially-designed spacious yoga deck for outdoor practice during warmer weather. During your breaks, take a walk on the wooded path, journal, sit by the pond, or socialize with like-minded participants in a relaxed and natural environment.

Each weekend is a retreat-like experience. A serene get-away just 30 minutes from downtown Cleveland.


New yoga workshop and retreat facility

New State-of-the-Art Workshop/Retreat Facility!
(Just completed March, 2012

yoga teacher training

Teachers in Training in Eagle Pose on outdoor yoga deck

Upon completion of the program and its requirements, you will receive certification at the 200, 300 or 500 hour level, and you may choose to become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with the national Yoga Alliance.


  • To create a group environment which provides an in depth experience of yoga for each individual
  • To learn postures in detail, and other yoga techniques and philosophy through direct experience, practice, and study.
  • To be able to teach a yoga class with awareness and confidence, giving what you have received


Contact us at 440-236-6366 or email bhumi@bhumiyoga.com . The director Bhumi likes to speak with each candidate personally to answer your questions.


NEXT PROGRAM Scheduled for Spring, 2018 but if there is enough interest we will add an additional program with an earlier start in October, 2017.  You may prepare by taking some of our 2017 workshops. 

The first level program, accommodates both local students and those who live at a distance and/or out of state. It is offered yearly. It consists of 200 hours - one weekend per month over the course of one year, karma yoga project and 10 hours of mentored practicum. It includes yoga therapy research and a take home reflections exam. Weekend sessions are with Director Harriet Bhumi Russell  and Asst Director Nikki Fisher. Special session in Ayurveda with Dr. Vijay Jain, M.D. option. The practice teaching does not need to be completed in the same year, but you can easily do so.


This second level program is an additional 300 hours. Certified teachers from other 200 hour programs are welcome as well. The 500 hour training Consists of various modules and workshops.  You may enter this program at any time. CONTACT US FOR A SCHEDULE and CURRICULUM TOPICS. 440-236-6366.

All of Bhumi's workshops offer CEU's Yoga Alliance credit for registered yoga teachers continuing education.

We limit the students accepted into each program. Very personalized and comprehensive group instruction in retreat setting. Teacher-student direct contact is optimized with Directors Bhumi and Nikki at every session and certified teaching assistants are there to help you too!

YTT enrolled participants may partake in regular weekly yoga classes at a greatly discounted rate. Ask for details.

We may be able to house you free of charge with another participant. Let us know if this is necessary.

Yoga Teacher Graduates, 2012 with Director Bhumi in NEW studio.

Yoga Teacher Graduates, 2013 with Directors Bhumi  & NIkki in NEW studio.

Yoga Teacher Graduates, 2014 with Directors Bhumi  & NIkki and Assistants Brittany & Lauren in studio.


Yoga Teacher Graduates, 2015 with Directors Bhumi  & NIkki in studio.


Yoga Teacher Graduates, January 2016 with Directors Bhumi  & NIkki in studio.

Yoga Teacher Graduates November 2016 with Directors Bhumi & NIkki in studio.

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