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Bhumi's: Be Healthy Under My Instruction
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Student Comments

"Thanks for all your support. Your guidance, and energy has definitely given me a whole new perspective of life. It is absolutely amazing." Daniel Koch, Nestle USA

"Bhumi, you are so nurturing to all of your yoga students. You are very important in my life and I thank you." Jill Toledo

"Bhumi, since you and yoga have become a regular part of my life, I have truly begun to examine who I am and be OK with that. I am blessed to have you as my teacher. Thank you, for your insight and beautiful spirit." Laura Ross

"Bhumi's classes are so wonderful and calming for me with all the happy energy." Heather Lang

Teachers in Training assisting each other

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Yoga Classes
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Benefits of Yoga

Physical Effects
Increased energy, improved posture, reduced back pain, increased flexibility, toned muscles, hormonal balance, regulated digestion and elimination, and strengthened immune and nervous systems.

Mental and Emotional Effects
Clarity of mind, greater awareness, increased concentration and focus, a more positive attitude, less mood swings, improved self esteem, "groundedness," and stress reduction.

Spiritual Effects
Improved intuition, a sense of purpose and direction in life, a feeling of well being, love and compassion for oneself and others, a connection to a greater spiritual power, and a greater awareness of the overall mind-body connection within a healthy lifestyle.

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Our Yoga Style

Bhumi combines several different styles of yoga with her own personal approach and evolving knowledge. "Bhumi's Blend" is an integration and enhancement of several styles of hatha yoga including Iyengar, Kripalu, Amrit, Anusara, and Ashtanga. Bhumi's Blend focuses on form and alignment as well as linking postures into a flow... a meditation-in-motion.

Each class begins with a centering and short discussion followed by 45-60 minutes of movement, ending with 15-30 minutes of yoga nidra deep relaxation.

Classes are multi-level and appropriate for beginners as well as experienced practitioners. Our teachers are trained to help you with modifications for easier or more difficult poses.

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