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Photo of Bhumi in meditation and a quote from Yogi Amrit Desai: “Bhumi, you are a wonderful ambassador of yoga. You carry the Light.”


Harriet Russell (Bhumi) modelling a yoga pose in 2010.

Harriet Russell (Bhumi) in Pigeon Pose in  1988.

International Keynote Speaker Harriet Bhumi Russell

Harriet Russell - International Keynote Speaker

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Harriet Bhumi Russell, Director, RYS, Masters of Science

  • Lived 8 years in a yoga ashram. She knows the lifestyle!!!
  • Former Director of Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) certification programs at Kripalu Center, the largest residential Yoga Center in the U.S.A.
  • Has over 30 years of experience directing Yoga Teacher Trainings and many more years teaching classes.
  • Opened the first public yoga and wellness center in Greater Cleveland.
  • Has trained in-depth in many styles of yoga, massage and bodywork allowing her to offer great variety to her students.
  • Started the first yoga in public and private high school physical education programs in N. Ohio.
  • Serves the community with karma yoga programs - free to the needy.
  • Offers private life coaching, and yoga therapy.
  • Feels "the world is one family" and travels internationally to share her teaching



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Related to Yoga and Holistic Health
(Corporate and International Bio see www.HarrietRussell.com)

Harriet Russell is known as "Bhumi" in the yoga world. She is a leader of the yoga community in Ohio and has helped demystify and bring yoga to mainstream Northern Ohio without sacrificing the depth of the practice.

Harriet launched Cleveland's first yoga and wellness center open to the public in 1992 and introduced yoga classes to physical education programs in suburban high schools. Over the years, she has trained hundreds of teachers, over 200 in Ohio alone. Bhumi's Yoga and Wellness Center was the first in the Midwest and Ohio to be recognized by the national Yoga Alliance.

Bhumi's Yoga is a nationally Registered Yoga School  at the highest level offered by the  Yoga Alliance. Bhumi is certified/trained in many styles of Yoga: Kripalu, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Bikram, Amrit Yoga Nidra Teacher. A Massotherapist, Bodyworker, and Certified Holistic Health Educator and Lifestyle Coach, she brings a holistic and personal growth as well as a clinical view to wellness.

In addition, Bhumi is a Yoga Therapist, Shiatsu (Acupressure) Massage Therapist and uses Energy Balancing, Polarity, and specialized techniques she learned from Dr. Kenneth Klak, D.O. In Japan, she studied the martial art of Aikido. She has 30 years of a  Macrobiotics foundation and in more recent years she has been studying Ayurveda with Dr. Vijay Jain, M.D.

Harriet was introduced to yoga as a stress management technique while working in international business corporate life in New York City. Successful, yet searching, she changed careers, recognizing her life's work is to share the deep benefits from yoga that she felt for herself with others.

Bhumi lived a monastic lifestyle as a spiritual resident at the ashram of Kripalu Center in Massachusetts, the largest holistic health and yoga center in North America. She served as Program Director of Yoga Teacher Training and Bodywork Certification Programs there for 8 years. Her spiritual teacher was Dr. Yogi Amrit Desai, the founder.

Afterwards,  she studied with BKS and Geeta Iyengar and Rodney Yee, and took Trainings in other styles for a complete view of yoga's applications in her practice and work. She is Co-creator of the "Moon Salutation".

Harriet has been sponsored to lead workshops around the world on various health issues. She has appeared on TV in the U.S. and abroad, has been published, and has produced several yoga routine CD's.

She has an M.S. in Linguistics, is fluent in Spanish and Japanese, and proficient in several other languages. She is currently studying Russian. She loves to teach Sanskrit.

Long term travel is a part of what makes Harriet Bhumi Russell a world citizen. In 1975 she went overland from Europe to Asia. She lived overseas for eight years. She was in India, Nepal, and Tibet in 1975 and 1992 where she visited many spiritual sites. In 2005 she returned to India where she participated in Rotary International projects and visited medical clinics with doctors practicing specialized yoga therapies.

In 2008, Harriet Bhumi Russell travelled alone to Kyrgyzstan for three months as an independent volunteer. She coached English teachers in methodologies and artisans in small business development. She taught stress management and yoga to social workers, teachers and school children as a part of their physical education curriculum. Harriet ventured to  places even the Peace Corps is not allowed to go. You may read more about her trip and projects she started at www.VentureFromTheHeart.com and on Facebook.

Harriet (Bhumi) was an dedicated member of Rotary International for 10 years and was named a Paul Harris Fellow "in appreciation of tangible and significant assistance given for the furtherance of better understanding and friendly relations among the peoples of the world."

Harriet Russell (Bhumi) is an active member the National Speakers Association, International Coach Federation and ICF-Cleveland, Council of Smaller Enterprises (COSE), as well as other professional groups and yoga associations including the International Association of Yoga Therapists, Kripalu Yoga Teachers Association, Certified Amrit Yoga Nidra Teachers,  and the national Yoga Alliance.

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